What's inside

In 2011 Aberje - Brazilian Association of Corporate Communications launched the first global publication about Brazilian Corporate Communications, the BRpr magazine. Five years later, the project has been redesigned and today has become the BRpr newsletter.

The newsletter you are receiving is the result of a series of actions whose aim is the integration of Brazilian corporate communications and media professionals with the international communications community. One of the pioneering initiatives in this effort has been the Brazilian Corporate Communications Day. Created during a time of real growth in the Brazilian economy, the event has emerged as an alternative to fill the gap that characterized public relations and Brazilian corporate communications in the broader international context. More than 40 organizations have presented their cases and successful strategies over the years. The event has traveled to cities in North America, Latin America and Europe. In all, 1,600 people have attended.

Through digital media the reach of BRpr to the larger international network has grown. The newsletter disseminates and reveals the relevant work in the communications field developed in Brazil, while at the same time providing a dialogue and international exposure for authors. Furthermore, it allows for greater contact in the areas of best practices and innovation between companies and communicators that act globally. In short, it is an effort by Brazilian business communications to contribute to the international corporate community.

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