What is ABERJE?

The Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial, ABERJE (the Brazilian association of business communication) is the largest representative of the Brazilian Social Communication, which has as its main objective turning the discussion and communication promotion into its main tool for strengthening citizenship. ABERJE offers to its member-clients a wide variety of services through speeches, courses given by specialists in several different areas of communication, as well as through publications destined to divulge and debate themes and experiences related to the areas involved.

ABERJE’s directorship - 1996/1998

President: Ruy Martins Altenfelder Silva
Vice-President: Márcio Polidoro
Director-Secretary: Walter Nori
Financial and Managing Director: Antônio Salgado Perez Filho

Fiscal Council:
Amauri Beleza Marchese
Fernando Portela
Renato Gasparetto

Consultant Coucil:
Antônio Alberto Prado
Miguel Jorge

Executive Director:
Paulo Nassar



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